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AWDS bespoke closets are the epitome of elegance and sophistication. We bring outstanding Canadian craftsmanship, critically acclaimed Italian engineering and an unforgettable experience creating your own private oasis of luxury.

Let us bring your dream closet to life in just 4 weeks!

Let Us Turn Your Wardrobe Closet into a Luxury Masterpiece!

Don’t simply consider your closet a space to put away clothing and accessories. Think of it as an area for readying yourself in the morning or taking a few moments at night to gather thoughts before sleeping.
What makes a good walk-in closet better?

The Ultimate Functionality and Style: Custom Walk-In Closets

Enjoy the ultimate luxury with our Italian engineered walk-in closet that will transform your space.

Crafted Sophistication

Crafted Sophistication

Partner closely with our in-house designers to curate a bespoke closet that mirrors your individuality, requirements, and taste. Let us guide you through the entire design process, resulting in a uniquely tailored closet that harmonizes flawlessly with your space and preferences."

Exquisite Artistry

Exquisite Artistry

From handpicking premium materials to meticulous joinery and impeccable finishes, our dedication to delivering exquisite artistry shines through in every bespoke closet we create.

Efficient Design

Efficient Design

Discover a wide range of storage solutions and hardware accessories for bespoke closets. Teaming up with premier European and domestic suppliers, we offer ingenious solutions that enhance functionality and elevate the aesthetics of your tailored closet.
You Dream It, We Design and Build It

A Showcase of Our Luxury Walk-In Closet Designs

Step inside and be inspired by our exceptional luxury walk in closet design, each crafted with meticulous attention to detail and tailored to meet our client’s unique needs and preferences.
Your Trusted Luxury Walk-in Closet Design Partner

Why Choose Artisan Woodworks & Design Studios (AWDS) to Design and Create your Custom Closet?

You may wonder why you should choose Artisan Woodworks & Design for your custom closet. Here are just a few reasons why:

Unmatched Expertise

At AWDS, we bring years of experience designing and crafting custom closets that perfectly match your unique lifestyle and needs.


Comprehensive Full-Service

Our dedicated team of designers, woodworking craftsmen, and installers work cohesively to provide you with a full-service closet solution, from conceptualization to installation.


Lifetime Warranty

Our AWDS-manufactured products are crafted with such precision and excellence that we guarantee them for a lifetime. This warranty is our assurance to you that your investment will remain strong, long-lasting, and reliable.


Your Closet, Your Way

We take pride in creating bespoke walk-in closets that reflect your style and ideas without compromising quality. .

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